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The Chamber of Tourism Goods

The Chamber of Tourism Goods

books – ahmed rizk: tourism and antiquities the chamber of tourism goods

the chamber of tourism goods headed by ali ghoneim announced its rejection of the draft law establishing the tourism and antiquities fund: explaining that the draft law carries financial burden on the tourism sector which is indispensable for the successive calamities of tourism between terrorism and corona.

and the chamber’s board of directors sent a statement to the president of the federation explaining its position, stating

بيان غرفة السلع السياحية لرفض مشروع قانون إنشاء صندوق السياحة والآثار

statement of the chamber of tourism commodities to reject the bill establishing the tourism and antiquities fund
ali ghoneim was the head of the chamber of tourism goods and fairs,

he confirmed that the bazaars and tourist shops sector will be the most affected in the wake of the global stopping of movement to prevent the outbreak of the new epidemic of corona.

ghoneim added in press statements, that the chamber addressed dr. khaled al-anani, minister of tourism and antiquities, regarding the tourist shops located in the archaeological areas and their inability to pay the rents owed on them.

the minister promised to take this into account, and also addressed the mayors of tourist cities to stop collecting rents and entitlements to the shops.

and the bazaars inside and outside the hotels, taking into account the current conditions that the world is going through.

he pointed out that the tourist shops depend on the daily profit to live, continue, and spend on labor and the payment of utility fees and rents.

and he urged the owners of hotels and tourist resorts to stop obligating the shops and bazaars to pay the rent due in full until the return of the tourist movement.

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